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Our 2 Day Training Class is currently $1,195 and will return to $1,995 effective January 1, 2021

**Registration Deadline For All Classes is Thursday of Prior Week

Win-Win Customer Engagement For Business Developers: Gloria Parker Schedule Registration Link
2 Day Comprehensive Training - $1,995 $1,195 (Only Through December 31st)!

Weekly - Tuesday & Wednesday
Half Day Workshop: "Understanding the Environment – Government Structure and Processes, Policies and Regulations​" - $497 Monthly - 1st Thursday
Half Day Workshop: "Connecting with a Key Customer" - $497 Monthly - 2nd Thursday
Half Day Workshop: "Relationship Building for Business Developers​" - $497 Monthly - 3rd Thursday
Half Day Workshop: "Structured Customer Meeting"​ - $497 Monthly - 4th Thursday
Grow Revenue & Profit through A Business Development Life Cycle: Mike Rice Schedule Registration Link
2 Day Comprehensive Training - $1,995 $1,195 (Only Through December 31st)!

Weekly - Tuesday & Wednesday
Half Day Workshop: "Identify and Qualify – Can we win?" - $497 Monthly - 1st Thursday
Half Day Workshop: "Capture – How we win!" - $497 Monthly - 2nd Thursday
Half Day Workshop: "Proposal – Develop that Compliant and Compelling Proposal!​" - $497 Monthly - 3rd Thursday
Half Day Workshop: "Post Proposal and Award – Preparing for the win!​" - $497 Monthly - 4th Thursday
Service Delivery Excellence: Thomas Boyce Schedule Registration Link
2 Day Comprehensive Training - $1,995 $1,195 (Only Through December 31st)!

Weekly - Wednesday & Thursday
Half Day Workshop: "Successful Operations" - $497 Monthly - 1st Tuesday
Half Day Workshop: "Transition Success – Well Begun is Half Done" - $497 Monthly - 2nd Tuesday
Half Day Workshop: "Your Next Business Development Cycle – Organic Growth and Winning your Recompete" - $497 Monthly - 3rd Tuesday

What Our Clients Say About Our IT and Management Consulting Solutions



Excellent speakers, great content, superb planning.

Gloria had great experiences to share and was engaging. The DISC styles were eye-opening and helpful for dealing with both teammates and customers; all stakeholders.

While not normally giving “5”’s, this training was a top-notch effort worthy of a “5”. The only issue was time…not enough. Gloria was engaging and theatric-effective teacher. Having the resources from outside entities was welcome.

Excellent workshop!! Invited speakers were an added bonus!

The organization of the content was excellent. Every presentation and workshop was clear, to the point and geared towards my customer relationships. This is exactly what I expected from executive presentations.

The experience showed through via the clarity, quality, and mastery of the presentation content.

Experience, real-world examples.

Gloria and speakers had great real-world experience.

This is the class that I’ve always wanted to take. Thank you for de-mystifying the sales process and making it executable for me.

Great event/Learning Face to Face.

Very good content to the training. I was able to pick up some very helpful and insightful things that will greatly benefit me in dealing with my customers.

Everyone’s knowledgeability. We had tons of questions and all were thoroughly answered. Gloria was able to debunk anyone’s thought that we knew how to do this already. There wasn’t anyone who walked away without new info, approaches, etc.

Makes you think about customer relationships from a different point of view than day-to-day project management responsibilities.

All speakers were awesome! Gloria was super awesome!!!

Thank you for teaching the class. I enjoyed the class and it helped to put a framework around engaging and winning business with the customer. Thank you!!

Practice all I’ve learned. I used to meet with clients in the 80s and early 90s, and this reminds me that it’s not so awkward when you’re prepared and practice.

I feel equipped with tools to be better engaged.

I learned so much about government customer engagement that the space provided is not enough.

I like this course. The strengths of the course is that it is a great course for both beginners and seasoned professionals. Everyone learned something.

As a seasoned government sales/BD professional, I found today to be an outstanding refresher and opportunity to have and improve my skills.

Great class. Held my attention all day. Appreciated the CIO point of view.

Exceeded my expectations and kept my attention throughout the day.

Gloria is very well-spoken, and has good experience to draw for examples.

Gloria’s knowledge as a former CIO and sales trainer was clear. She addressed each and every question from the group.

Very well organized program with well thought out training objectives.

Enjoyed the two-day class. Learned a lot and know my team did as well. Appreciated my company investing time and energy into this training.

Gloria and Ron’s experience! What an amazing opportunity to learn from 2 very accomplished professionals.

Gloria’s background and experience as former CIO.

Getting a realistic view of how gov’t thinks.

Educating us on dealing with objections. Learning how to make “no” an impossible reply, the importance of building a rapport! Relationship selling.

CIO expertise brought to the table.