Capture Management: 2 Day Comprehensive Workshop


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Capture Management – Mike Rice
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About The Event

PROBLEM STATEMENT: Slow Revenue Growth; Low Profits; Low PWIN

CHALLENGES:  Business Development Professionals lack the training to effectively:

  • Ensure a sustainable, revenue-healthy pipeline into the federal marketplace
  • Get past the question of whether the company can do the work, and answer the question, “Can we win?”
  • Understand the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) and how it applies to the solicitation
  • Understand new Innovative Acquisition Strategies as the Government seeks to buy better and faster.
  • Determine how an Offer Design will be evaluated during source selection
  • Appropriately assess the Competitive Landscape
  • Ghost the Competition
  • Identify Organizational Conflicts of Interest (OCI)
  • Define a Capture Strategy to include price to win, service area (technical) and operations (management) approaches
  • Develop a compliant, compelling and winning proposal
  • Prepare for responding government clarification questions and enter into negotiations
  • Understand the process of protest and determine desirable protest outcomes

SOLUTION:  To implement a Business Development framework designed to:

  • Be a Complete Capture Life Cycle
  • Be Process Driven
  • Manages a focused and revenue-healthy Pipeline
  • Qualify Opportunities Early
  • Capture “Winnable” Business
  • Guide Compliant and Compelling Proposal Development
  • Prepare for Clarification or BAFO
  • Facilitate Lessons Learned to Refine Your Own Corporate or Personal Practice
  • Provide Continuous Capture Improvement (CCI)


  • Corporately practiced establishes the firm's business capture rhythm
  • Independently practiced increases your skill set as a business development professional
  • A Life Cycle is based on Continuous Capture Improvement, refining after each iteration.


Experience the enjoyment of successful pursuits and high PWIN rates = REVENUE/PROFIT GROWTH