Mike Rice

Co-Founder and COO of CornerStone IT

Executive Partner and Trainer: Parker Group Consulting

Mike is an engineer by trade and a teacher by nature.  The engineer in him is driven to learn how this Business Development mechanism ticks.  The teacher in him is excited to share what he’s discovered.  Thus, the “In Pursuit Business Development Life Cycle” book series.  Mike continues to keep his technical curiosity satisfied influencing and establishing standards in the implementation and integration of emerging technologies across the IT landscape.  Mr. Rice is currently assigned to a joint government and industry project team established to streamline government acquisition through the use of these same emerging technologies.

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About The Event

PROBLEM STATEMENT: Slow Revenue Growth; Low Profits; Low PWIN

CHALLENGES:  Business Development Professionals lack the training to effectively:

  • Ensure a sustainable, revenue-healthy pipeline into the federal marketplace
  • Get past the question of whether the company can do the work, and answer the question, “Can we win?”
  • Understand the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) and how it applies to the solicitation
  • Understand new Innovative Acquisition Strategies as the Government seeks to buy better and faster.
  • Determine how an Offer Design will be evaluated during source selection
  • Appropriately assess the Competitive Landscape
  • Ghost the Competition
  • Identify Organizational Conflicts of Interest (OCI)
  • Define a Capture Strategy to include price to win, service area (technical) and operations (management) approaches
  • Develop a compliant, compelling and winning proposal
  • Prepare for responding government clarification questions and enter into negotiations
  • Understand the process of protest and determine desirable protest outcomes

SOLUTION:  To implement a Business Development framework designed to:

  • Be a Complete Capture Life Cycle
  • Be Process Driven
  • Manages a focused and revenue-healthy Pipeline
  • Qualify Opportunities Early
  • Capture “Winnable” Business
  • Guide Compliant and Compelling Proposal Development
  • Prepare for Clarification or BAFO
  • Facilitate Lessons Learned to Refine Your Own Corporate or Personal Practice
  • Provide Continuous Capture Improvement (CCI)


  • Corporately practiced establishes the firm's business capture rhythm
  • Independently practiced increases your skill set as a business development professional
  • A Life Cycle is based on Continuous Capture Improvement, refining after each iteration.


Experience the enjoyment of successful pursuits and high PWIN rates = REVENUE/PROFIT GROWTH

Tue, Sept 15th and Weds, Sept 16th 2020

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Business Capture – Mike Rice
In compliance with current social distancing restrictions, this class will be offered ONLINE ONLY.

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Business Capture: Virtual Workshop


Event Date: Tuesday, Sept 15th – Wednesday Sept 16th, 2020


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