Operations/Service Delivery: 2 Day Comprehensive Workshop


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Service Delivery – Thomas Boyce
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About The Event

PROBLEM STATEMENT: Recompete Losses; Contract Bleed; Slow Revenue Growth; Reputation Challenges in Marketplace


CHALLENGES:  Program Managers tend to focus on technical execution and overlook contract retention and growth:

  • PM is focused on execution, not contract growth
  • PM’s are typically Subject Matter Experts, but lack training in all aspects of contract and program management
  • Operations staff not trained to look for growth opportunities, they feel it is not their job
  • Lack awareness of broader company capabilities, missing opportunities for added services
  • View the marketing team as an obstacle to customer trust
  • Integration of Business Development efforts with PM and Operations team seldom occurs


SOLUTION:  Training to address Program/Contract execution and leverage this for contract retention and business growth:

  • Gain skills to execute across all phases of program and contract management
  • Understand why the fundamentals matter
  • Build a Program/Contract Management Plan for outstanding execution
  • Understand the importance of Stakeholder management
  • Build a communications plan to meet customer needs AND convey your value
  • Build an approach to manage risks and issues proactively
  • Understand the role of Quality Management in Program Execution and Customer satisfaction
  • Leverage excellence in Program Management delivery for contract retention
  • Build a continuous improvement approach focused on customer needs and a customer centric approach
  • Learn how a customer first/customer centric approach can yield organic growth
  • Integrate your contract/program operations and BD efforts to yield maximum returns



  • Increased contract retention and recompete wins
  • Increases in organic growth
  • Satisfied customers and referenceable past performance
  • For Federal Contractors, stellar CPAR ratings